Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New aphrodesiac found in bacon

Today, the market for sexual enchancement supplements is dominated by Viagra and similar artificially produced pharmaceuticals, but tomorrow, it could be dominated by bacon.

"We certainly didn't expect this," says Alex Spagman, head of the Center for Health and Advanced Orgonomic Studies in Oakland, CA. "We know that trans-fats raise blood pressure. But, we would never have expected to find such a specific intent in a molecule like that."

Spagman, whose group accidentally found a particular form of fat in bacon that has a greater effect on the blood pressure in phallic tissue than elsewhere, is optimistic. "We can make a capsule containing bacon fat and a weak stimulant like caffine, and not only would it be cheaper than Viagra, but safer as well. Since it doesn't act on hormones, it doesn't cause the same kinds of health problems revolving around exposure to women and children."

This medication is still in preliminary testing phases, and Spagman suggests that it will be another five years before something like this will come on the market.

- Ass-ociated Press

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