Sunday, October 19, 2008

Leaked HIMEOBS data

This past Friday, an un-named and self-proclaimed ex-HIMEOite leaked photos to various bloggers around the world that were censored by high-level HIMEOBS agents in the past. I have decided to post them.

This image was supposedly edited after the initial pass at CNN in order to avoid arousing suspicion.

It's time that america learned the truth.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Terrorist organization claims responsibility for series of mysterious house explosions in the rural U.S.

This past weekend, a message identifying itself to be from the covert and illusive terrorist cell HIMEOBS was received by 23 low-readership blog owners, claiming responsibility for the mysterious explosions of houses in Texas, New York, and Connecticut during that period. Despite officials stating that these incidents are unrelated and accidental, the coincidence of so many of these fully residential houses in totally distributed places and no obvious relationship between the owners of said houses has been viewed as suspicious, and quite questionable. A segment of the email from HIMEOBS is as follows:
"Our organization's motto is 'Peace through eternal war', and that's what we aim to create. Only through ceaseless and arbitrary violence can we be shaken out of the comfortable modes of thinking that start wars and prevent cultures from interpollenating ideas. We do not forgive. We are an elite, infiltrating such a high level of government that we managed to cause those explosions to happen this weekend not through the planting of bombs, but through the planting of minor errors in the very methods that are used in the design and building of residential homes. This is our power. We will not cease our violence until peace is universal."

It seems that similar messages have been sent in responses to previous mysterious disasters (including the 1917 shipwreck in Ireland that forms the basis of Joyce's Finnegans Wake), however there has been evidence of a series of coverups. Later in the message, HIMEOBS claims responsibility for the design flaws that led to the sinking of the Titanic, though even this is questionable.

Is this group a serious threat? Until we know the actual cause of the residential explosions, we cannot say for sure. It is certain that if these explosions are due to construction and/or design errors, then HIMEOBS is a force to be reckoned with, to be able to cause such things with such a fine degree of precision.

Some bloggers have posited that HIMEOBS has a connection to the hacker group known as Anonymous. Others have tied them to Al Quaida, and to certain neo-nazi factions splintered off from Raelism. Still others insist that this group is not precisely organized nor connected in the ordinary ways, and that they operate separately on their own volition, taking their orders and philosophy from some single static text, much as several independent crusades were perpetrated at nearly the same time based on the correlation of current events with biblical prophecy. One thing is sure -- HIMEOBS is mysterious enough for the actual expansion of their acronymic name to be entirely unknown. In these days, when the internet and search engines like google and wikipedia can give up to the minute information on the plots of movies yet to come out and inventions not yet patented, it is obvious that this group is quite powerful for such a simple piece of information like that not to be available after nearly 100 years of existence.